Natural hand-dye


Besides Xiang Yunsha, for which natural dyeing process ”rechenberg“ commissions artisans in the Pearl River Delta, Kathrin von Rechenberg dyes a range of clothes herself. She uses locally grown traditional dyes such as pomegranate peel, shuliang and banlangen (indigo) all of which are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Natural dye has a great luminosity that gives fabrics a vividness of colour and texture which cannot be reproduced with chemical dyes. By experimenting, with different traditional dyeing and resist-dyeing methods, often involving a number of time-consuming and laborious steps, Kathrin von Rechenberg obtains a variety of colours and textures that allow her to create one-of-a-kind fabrics and garments.

In each timeless designed, hand-dyed and handcrafted piece you can feel its connection to thousands of years of history.


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