rechenberg spring dress 早春系列

rechenberg spring dress 早春系列服装采用天然植物手工染制面料和香云纱面料。设计师凯瑟琳崇尚服装面料的环保性、及穿着的持久性,并保持着自己独特的设计风格。她所选用的染色面料是纯天然真丝面料,用面料再造的手法将传统的药用植物进行面料染色:板蓝根(靛蓝)、五倍子、薯莨、石榴皮,这些在中医里具有药用价值的植物,经过加工染制过的面料对皮肤颇有益处。天然植物染色经过不同次数的反复染色可以染出丰富隽永的色彩层次,优雅的色彩是大自然所赋予的,值得我们细细品味。欢迎您预约来我们工作室试穿和选购。

Kathrin von Rechenberg experiments with even more natural hand-dying techniques to create her new spring collection: natural Shuliang root was used for a dusty rose dress, natural indigo dye for an elegant light blue dress as well as a wrap dress with tints of blue. Gallnut creates a dusty lilac pattern on an easy to wear crepe-de-Chine dress. Hand pleated iron rust and indigo-dyed robes and new natural-dyed scarfs and wraps combine well with classic rechenberg tea silk pieces. All of these outfits are available for fitting and ordering.