Hand-dyed fabrics from Kathrin von Rechenberg are inspired by the natural beauty of wood that Nature has given us: the textured bark of trees, their veins and colours. These can equally be found in the prints, the designs and in the styling.

The colours and designs for this Collection are from and of the earth, in muted stone greys, moss, delicate mauves and pigeon blue, accentuated with rust, without forgetting the rich browns and blacks of the fabric she has made her own: tea-silk.

Kathrin von Rechenberg is works with cashmere, merino wool and silks. Her designs for this Autumn/Winter are soft and supple. Without loss of shape or form, the wearer is enveloped in generous coats and jackets in the browns, russets, soft greeny-grey and other shades that reflect the season.
The accent is on triangular batwing sleeves added toqipao-inspired tunics, dresses and printed silk-chiffon blouses and tops, as well as loose double-faced coats and jackets.