An ancient royal secret held exclusively by the Chinese Emperor’s kiln masters that allowed the production of ceramics in mysterious ‘secret’ colours using ash to create the glazes, has been the inspiration for the rechenberg Spring/ Summer collection 2013.
Shards in the colours of semi-precious stones that derive from crackled ash-glazes, abstract flowers on soft, watery backgrounds, moonscapes and peacock feathers, all make their appearance in this unique collection.
Wool, cashmere, silk and Rechenberg’s ‘house-fabric’, Tea Silk, are all transformed by the designer’s continued ingenuity. Her double-faced wool and cashmere coats are now a staple of her Autumn/Winter collections, while this season introduces abstract quilt stitching on tea-silk echoing crackled porcelain glazes, combined with wool felt, creates new jackets.
The limited edition fabric designs created by Atelier Rechenberg are coaxed into the designer’s characteristic asymmetric forms to create the Autumn 2013 designs.